Lion's Den Cafe

Hand-made ice cream made with a Tapioca base instead of Korn Syrup makes a world of difference in how smooth and silky our premium ice cream is!

Lion's Den Cafe

For those who like Sorbet or can't have dairy products, we also carry two flavors of rich and creamy Sherbert!

Our Ice Cream is also available to take home in containers and larger quantities if you desire to have it for a party or just for the family to enjoy!

  1. Stawberry Sherbert

  2. Raspberry Mango Sherbert

  3. Cappuccino Brownie

  4. Death by Chocolate

  5. Cookie Dough

  6. Cookies and Cream

  7. Banana Caramel Crunch

  8. Caramel Oreo

  9. Vermont Maple

  10. Three Nut Rocky Road

  11. Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup

  12. Pralines and Cream

  13. Butter Pecan

  14. English Toffee

  15. Mint Chocolate Chip

  16. S'mores

  17. Black Raspberry

  18. Bing Cherry

  19. Cotton Candy

  20. Birthday Cake

  21. Key Lime Pie

  22. Vanilla

  23. Chocolate

  24. Strawberry

Lion's Den Cafe